Norvergence: Youth Movement against Climate Change

Today, ahead of the U.N. Climate Action Summit in the New York, climate activists across the globe are collectively raising


An initiative was taken by Norvergence Team: Clean and Green Surrounding

Norvergnce LLC is a team of social activists who are making people aware of environmental issues via education, stats, planting

Source: Vox

UK Government is not acting enough to Protect People from Climate Crisis

Norvergence analyzed a shocking statement given by government advisors of the United Kingdom which states that “the government has no

Norvergence: Yes, It’s time to Panic about Climate Crisis

In 2018, we have lost 120,000 square kilometers of the tropical forest because of deforestation and wildfires. This led to an increase in 11 percent of Carbon dioxide level.

Info-graphic made by Norvergence on the connection between Amazon Rain-forest and Climate Change

The team of environmentalists led by George Stacey in collaboration with many other institutions curated a perfect infographic which clearly demonstrates the impact of climate change on the Amazon rainforest.

Info-graphic made by Norvergence team on Global Warming and Climate Change

Norvergence originated the following materials from a trusted source. The aim behind this infographic is to aware the general population regarding the impacts of global warming.

Norvergence: We are drowning in Plastic

Norvergence found a very interesting stat, according to which the world’s plastic production has grown up by 8.6 percent per year since 1950. In simple words, now at the moment, we are producing around 9 billion metric tons of plastic.

Norvergence: UK’s Top Eco-Friendly Blogs and Websites (Part-2)

This is the second part of the post, “UK’s top eco-friendly blogs and websites”, published by Norvergence. Let’s read what the team at Norvergence has to say about the remaining UK’s top eco-friendly blogs.

Norvergence: UK’s Top Eco-Friendly Blogs and Websites (Part 1)

In the early 21st century, a higher rate of environment issues drove the existence of websites (like Norvergence) which were specifically based on environment news and environment-related solutions.

Norvergence – Children are Hardest Hit by Air Pollution

In children, air pollution is linked with many adverse health effects such as obesity, respiratory disease, and lowered IQ. In the video, Norvergence clearly explains the whole phenomenon of air pollution with statistics.

Norvergence: Why we should protect our Oceans?

Norvergence is trying to aware the general population regarding ocean pollution. In this video, Norvergence particularly focuses on plastic debris that is harming marine life.

Norvergence lists worst case climate predictions if we don’t curb Global Warming

Norvergence has analyzed the summer of 2018 as it was full of wildfires, droughts, killer floods, and record-breaking rise in temperature. Let’s go back in 1992 when a group of 1,700 scientists released a letter, titled “Warning to Humanity”. It stated that environment damaging activities would lead to a collision course situation between humans and nature.

Norvergence: Meet The Disease Causing The Largest Loss Of Biodiversity

In recent years, almost hundreds of species of Amphibians, the cold-blooded vertebrates that live both in water and land, have been sunk down. Not only this, scientific studies reveal that almost 500+ species of Amphibians are declining at a rapid pace.  Nearly two decades ago, a large group of scientists released a report that claimed that the chytrid fungus ‘Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis’ is responsible for causing extensive die-offs in Amphibian species across the world.