Tree-Planting Drone Can Plant 100,000 Trees in One Day

There is no doubt that technology is the biggest contributor to climate change but it also can act as a

Maybe a Child Slave makes the chocolate that you are Eating

Norvergence – Maybe a Child Slave makes the chocolate that you are Eating

“Slavery is the theft of life from Children working in Chocolate Companies” The team Norvergence LLC has decided to shift

The Global Face Mask Industry

Norvergence: Most Lucrative time for Face Mask Industry

Norvergence: The worldwide clinical face mask market share is fragmented and is exceptionally serious and dynamic. The nearness of a

China’s Debt-Trap Diplomacy 1

Norvergence: Many Developing Countries are in Danger of Falling in China’s Debt Trap Policy

Norvergence: The achievement of any plan relies upon its financing. This applies significantly more to framework ventures. At the point


Norvergence: 1,944 Black Americans killed by police

Norvergence: Individuals have been fighting in the boulevards around the nation and around the globe in light of the fierce,


Norvergence: How is Coronavirus affecting energy use?

Norvergence: In the previous weeks, there has been a developing accentuation on the most proficient method to reasonably remake the


Norvergence: No one is Adopting Retired US military Dogs

Norvergence: The Air Force authorities at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland are getting progressively stressed over their retired dogs, not finding


Norvergence – COVID-19 Responses have Increased Environmental Risks

Norvergence: During the worldwide coronavirus shut down in the course of recent weeks, there have been critical inclusions about nature


Norvergence: 2020 could be the darkest winter in the US History

Norvergence while reading Rick Bright’s statement analyzes that Americans should prepare themselves for the hazard that they will endure their


Norvergence: Joe Bidden and his Iraq Vote

Norvergence has extensively covered Joe Bidden and his role in the launch of the Iraq war. In the spring of


Norvergence: The Relationship between COVID-19 and Oil and Gas Industry

Norvergence: The oil and gas industry is encountering its third value breakdown in 12 years. After the initial two stuns,


Boon Or Bane? Norvergence Explains Coronaviruses Impact On The Environment

Many scientists along with the expert environmentalists at Norvergence LLC have raised their concerns on the rapid spread of the


Norvergence: An Attempt by Australians Experts to Find the COVID-19 Cure

The journalists at Norvergence are actively working to collect the latest update on COVID-19 for the readers, from all across


Prediction of the US presidential elections 2020: Survey by Norvergence Experts

Amidst announcements made in February 2019, Bernie Sanders emerged as a potential U.S. presidential election candidate. The experts at Norvergence


The animal that doesn’t breathe – Report By Norvergence

The experts at Norvergence recently read research about the first-ever animal that does not breathe. As quoted in the journal

Norvergence LLC Recently Featured in Irish Tech News

Norvergence LLC, an NGO dedicated to protecting and conserving the environment recently featured in the Irish Tech News for its

Techtopia Toyota Japanese Smart City

Norvergence: Techtopia Toyota’s Japanese Smart City

The ideas to construct the Techtopia Toyota’s Japanese Smart City came from Japan’s largest automaker, Toyota which changed itself as


Climate Change: Agenda Tops the Priority List at Davos – A Research by Experts at Norvergence LLC

The struggle went on for almost five decades and finally, the time has come when global elites and climate experts

Norvergence LLC: A Drone That Can Help in Tree-Plantation

Tree-plantation is a common environmental issue raised by almost all the environment as well as non-environmental NGOs all across the

Source - Middle East Eye

Norvergence: The History of The U.S Conflict with Iran

The conflict between the two countries started a long time back in 1979 but now when the conflict has taken

Rana Balkis Climate Museum

Rana Balkış is an architect-painter. She is trained as a painter by World renown painter professor Teymur Rzayev. In her

INSIGHT: Crypto and a Song for the Saints

Selva Ozelli, an international tax attorney and CPA, explains how to claim a tax deduction for charitable donations of cryptocurrency.

INSIGHT: Is Solar Power Adoption Hindered by an Inadequate Global Environmental Tax Policy?

Tax policy could encourage the adoption of solar power on a global scale. Selva Ozelli examines the strength and weaknesses

Norvergence – Australian Doomsday: 1 Billion Animals Feared Dead In Bushfire

The Australian biodiversity has been witnessing a consistent downfall over the past few decades. According to the experts at Norvergence

Source - DW

Norvergence – Climate Change Sparks Ocean Acidification that Degrades Sharks’ Skin

Source – DW For almost a year, the team Norvergence is trying to spread awareness about the increasing earth temperature

Norvergence – Fresh Climate Change Warning from Bank of England Chief

Source: The Independent Norvergence team, ahead of many mainstream news channels, has exclusively covered the official statement of the outgoing


Norvergence: All you need to know about the Garbage Café of India

The team Norvergence always share the stories of people or organization who no matter what are fighting against global warming

Norvergence Summarizes the effect of Christmas and Holiday Season on Environment

Before talking about the environment or other sustainability issues, the Norvergence team wishes a Merry Christmas to all its readers.

Norvergence – How Excessive Greenhouse Emissions in the Oceans

How Excessive Greenhouse Emissions in the Oceans Is Worsening the Global Warming Scenario Recently, scientists and the Norvergence team of researchers have


Norvergence – 10 Heartbreaking Pictures Show the Reality of Global Warming/Climate Change

Norvergence has rounded up 10 of the most terrifying photographic depictions of climate change. The purpose is not to threaten

Norvergence: Newly-Elected UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s take on Climate Change

Researchers at Norvergence are confident that Boris Johnson’s victory in the United Kingdom election is a near-guarantee about the Brexit.

Norvergence Opinion on the Partnership of Google with Ellen MacArthur Foundation

This Norvergence LLC blog post depends on the recent tie-up of Google with Ellen MacArthur Foundation. To eliminate plastic waste

Norvergence Explains “How Speakers’ Sound Brought Life Back”

You must be surprised after reading the title. But, don’t worry; Norvergence in this blog post explains the whole case.

Norvergence Opinion on 12-Year-Old Boys Caught Setting up Fires in Australia

Environmentalists and Researchers at Norvergence have extensively covered the Australian bush fires’ news. Almost 5 million acres of land have

Norvergence – Largest Glacier in Alaska’s Juneau Icefield is melting due to Climate Change

Image Source: The Weather Channel Environmentalists at Norvergence analyzed the satellite photos shared by NASA’s Earth Observatory and found that


Norvergence – Extreme Heat Forces Qatar Government to Install Air-Conditioners in Open

Scientists at Norvergence came across an interesting informative piece that stats, due to extreme heat, the Qatar government has installed

Norvergence – Oil in the Arctic is the Serious Environmental Concern

The environmentalists at Norvergence believe that Artic is the only immaculate region left on earth that is not affected by

Norvergence – Climate Change Lessons is now compulsory in Italy’s Schools

According to a new law (read and analyzed by Norvergence), Italy‘s schools will have climate change lessons in its curriculum.

Norvergence – Beware! Air Pollution is Making You Fat

Norvergence has published several articles that explain the reasons why air pollution is bad for your heart and lungs. But

What is Norvergence? Know more about its CEO, Industry Impact, Corporate Culture, and Key Stakeholders

Norvergence is working on the manufacturing and distribution of jute bags. As well know the best alternative to plastic bags


Norvergence – Youth Movement against Climate Change

Today, ahead of the U.N. Climate Action Summit in the New York, climate activists across the globe are collectively raising


An initiative was taken by Norvergence Team for Clean and Green Surrounding

Norvergnce LLC is a team of social activists who are making people aware of environmental issues via education, stats, planting

Source: Vox

Norvergence – UK Government is not acting enough to Protect People from Climate Crisis

Norvergence analyzed a shocking statement given by government advisors of the United Kingdom which states that “the government has no

Norvergence – Yes, It’s time to Panic about Climate Crisis

In 2018, we have lost 120,000 square kilometers of the tropical forest because of deforestation and wildfires. This led to an increase in 11 percent of Carbon dioxide level.

Info-graphic made by Norvergence on the connection between Amazon Rain-forest and Climate Change

The team of environmentalists led by George Stacey in collaboration with many other institutions curated a perfect infographic which clearly demonstrates the impact of climate change on the Amazon rainforest.

Info-graphic made by Norvergence team on Global Warming and Climate Change

Norvergence originated the following materials from a trusted source. The aim behind this infographic is to aware the general population regarding the impacts of global warming.

Norvergence – We are drowning in Plastic

Norvergence found a very interesting stat, according to which the world’s plastic production has grown up by 8.6 percent per year since 1950. In simple words, now at the moment, we are producing around 9 billion metric tons of plastic.

Norvergence – UK’s Top Eco-Friendly Blogs and Websites (Part-2)

This is the second part of the post, “UK’s top eco-friendly blogs and websites”, published by Norvergence. Let’s read what the team at Norvergence has to say about the remaining UK’s top eco-friendly blogs.

Norvergence – UK’s Top Eco-Friendly Blogs and Websites (Part 1)

In the early 21st century, a higher rate of environment issues drove the existence of websites (like Norvergence) which were specifically based on environment news and environment-related solutions.

Norvergence – Children are Hardest Hit by Air Pollution

In children, air pollution is linked with many adverse health effects such as obesity, respiratory disease, and lowered IQ. In the video, Norvergence clearly explains the whole phenomenon of air pollution with statistics.

Norvergence – Why we should protect our Oceans?

Norvergence is trying to aware the general population regarding ocean pollution. In this video, Norvergence particularly focuses on plastic debris that is harming marine life.

Norvergence lists worst case climate predictions if we don’t curb Global Warming

Norvergence has analyzed the summer of 2018 as it was full of wildfires, droughts, killer floods, and record-breaking rise in temperature. Let’s go back in 1992 when a group of 1,700 scientists released a letter, titled “Warning to Humanity”. It stated that environment damaging activities would lead to a collision course situation between humans and nature.

Norvergence – Meet The Disease Causing The Largest Loss Of Biodiversity

In recent years, almost hundreds of species of Amphibians, the cold-blooded vertebrates that live both in water and land, have been sunk down. Not only this, scientific studies reveal that almost 500+ species of Amphibians are declining at a rapid pace.  Nearly two decades ago, a large group of scientists released a report that claimed that the chytrid fungus ‘Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis’ is responsible for causing extensive die-offs in Amphibian species across the world.