Climate Change: Agenda Tops the Priority List at Davos – A Research by Experts at Norvergence Foundation INC

The struggle went on for almost five decades and finally, the time has come when global elites and climate experts have managed to highlight the topic of climate change and make it the center of all discussions at the World Economic Forum.

The experts at Norvergence Foundation INC state that this yearly gathering took place at Davos, Switzerland where all concerns related to the climatic conditions and the prevailing situation of the planet were raised. This year’s annual meeting witnessed a shift in the agenda and focused primarily on the alarming rate of soaring temperatures and the level of emissions.

It was the first time in history that issues pertaining to the changes in the environment and its impact on the planet as per the members of the World Economic Forum topped the list. Of all debates, the question of addressing and how to combat drastically changing climatic conditions was the highlight of the meeting.

Also, the absence of a global norm to monitor climate change and carbon emissions was the main agenda of concern amongst a majority of executives at the Davos meeting. The executives talked about how businesses are responsible for the drastically changing environmental conditions and how having a plan of action is important.

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