Founder of Norvergence -The Story of George Stacey​

George Stacey is the founder of Norvergence who is also serving as the CEO of the organization. Stacey has also the lead author and has published various articles on many different national and international websites.

Personal Life

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Stacey was born in Florida on 26th April 1980. Her father, Roger Stacey was a military man who served the country in many wars. Her mother was a doctor at a government clinic. Both the parents died in a car accident in 2005.

Stacey completed her bachelor and masters from a leading university of the United States. He married to a New York-based businessman in 2008.

“Change is hard. People are hesitant to change their conduct significantly under the most convincing of conditions, and ecological threats don’t will in general stimulate the sort of desperation that inspires people to act.

Mass change of unreasonable frameworks will be significantly more troublesome than moving individual practices, for dissimilar to ants and honey bees, people are not exceptional to organize conduct for a basic advantage.”

How the Journey of Norvergence Began?


In 2017, George Stacey had read a book named, “Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet”. Recommended by a close friend, Stacey went through it casually. But once she completed it, her life changed.

She started feeling that it is her moral responsibility to fight for climate change and other environmental problems. This led to the foundation of Norvergence.

“This battle for people to deal with our effect on the atmosphere is made more mind-boggling by the extraordinary issue of environmental change; it is a drawn-out issue that has no obvious prompt and individual dangers. We need to make moves presently to stay away from issues later on even though we by and by may not experience these results.

“To counter this distinction, environmental change conversations should be outlined as issues identified with current effects at the nearby level. It is extraordinary that we need to save polar bears, however, what truly will propel individuals are the dangers to them at this moment.

Luckily or tragically, contingent upon your perspective, it is getting simpler and simpler to make these associations.”

“Mental exploration proposes that people can push toward a maintainable society by making conditions that propel earth dependable aggregate activity – conditions that assist individuals with overcoming intellectual cutoff points, make new situational drivers, encourage need satisfaction, and backing networks of social change.”

“People whose activities are educated by a more profound comprehension of how the planet truly functions can arouse aggregates to change the bigger frameworks that drive such an extensive amount of human conduct.

To fundamentally change how people think and live; instruct the future; and plan physical, administrative, and social frameworks, people should insight and better comprehend their significant association with the planet.”

Norvergence- Founded in 2019

In March 2019, George with the help of her friends founded Norvergence in Newark, New Jersey. Soon, the organization has grown to 100 members and it became one of the fastest-growing NGOs in the world & USA.


How working in Norvergence is difficult from a corporate job?

George Stacey said: “All successful social development pioneers have a thing common – compassion with recipients. Advancement of recipients’ lives is their obsession. On the other hand, numerous business leaders owe their prosperity totally to their abilities and mentality.

They may not have faith in the item or service they sell yet may, in any case, be splendid sales reps. This works in business – individuals can be separated, yet perform at elevated expectations, driven regularly by acknowledgement and prizes. The main award in social development is personal satisfaction.

I went to the social area sure of my critical thinking abilities – that is the thing that I had been doing as an administration expert. Before long, my air pocket burst. Asking a lady to exclusively breastfeed her child for the initial a half year after birth may appear to be a mindfulness age issue.

Yet, the core lies in social and financial hindrances which hold her back. She might be working in the fields throughout the day; her relative and customs may require taking care of nectar and water – ordinarily, she won’t have a state.

Recipients’ (or customers in business speech) outlook and conditions are not generally understandable by information – it requires building up an intensive and smart comprehension through various direct collaborations at the grassroots.”

I met numerous families who acknowledged infants deaths as normal and saw ‘more kids’ as protection against youngster mortality – they dismissed straightforward arrangements like customary antenatal registration and inoculations.