Norvergence: All you need to know about the Garbage Café of India


The team Norvergence always share the stories of people or organization who no matter what are fighting against global warming and climate change.

One such story is of, “Parvaah and Simar Malhotra, who are owners of Garbage Café situated in Ambikapur (Chattisgarh).

The café offers a meal for every kilogram of plastic. Yes, you heard it right!

“How many schemes solve two problems in one go? The cafe tackles waste and also gives hungry people a hot meal, which in turn motivates them to collect more plastic.”

Norvergence: Here’s how the Garbage Café works 

Individuals bring plastic to a waste management center and in return gets a coupon. The collecter then exchanges that coupon with a meal at the Garbage Cage situated next to the city’s main bus stop.

Also, an individual can bring the garbage directly to the café and get food.

The mayor of Ambikapur said the following about the Garbage Café: It’s become well known fast because it’s located right by the main bus stand in the city. We’re getting about a dozen people coming in every day.

One day a whole family came in with huge sacks weighing seven kilos. What’s important is that our meals are nutritious and tasty. We didn’t want to give rubbish.


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