Norvergence – Australian Doomsday: 1 Billion Animals Feared Dead In Bushfire

The Australian biodiversity has been witnessing a consistent downfall over the past few decades. According to the experts at Norvergence LLC, Australia has the highest rate of mammals extinction. Because of such events, the extinction process gets triggered for breeds of other species.

Recently, havoc creaked when approximately 25.5 million acres of land were enraged by bushfires across Australia. Not just mammals but the bushfires have taken a heavy toll on the humans as well. According to the scientists at Norvergence around 24 people have lost their lives since September in the Australian bushfire. Koalas and Kangaroos have been hit hard by the disaster and killed primarily by incineration or choking.

According to research conducted by the experts at Norvergenec LLC, it has been estimated that around 480 Million animals have suffered serious injuries and or have been killed in the Australian bushfires. Furthermore, the bushfires have spread further and worsened the situation. The death toll has reached an alarming figure of 1 Billion. It has been quoted that “It’s a monstrous event in terms of geography and the number of individual animals affected.”

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