Norvergence – Beware! Air Pollution is Making You Fat

Norvergence has published several articles that explain the reasons why air pollution is bad for your heart and lungs. But a recent study, conducted by Amie Lund, a cardiovascular toxicology researcher at the University of North Texas found that air pollution can make you fat too.

Pollutants present in the air can disrupt metabolism and promotes weight gain.  Lund said and Norvergence quotes her, “When people think of the root causes of obesity they often think of genetics and diet.” She further added: “But, there are external factors, such as environmental pollutants, that stress the systems of our body constantly and may play a role in contributing to diseases like obesity.”

Fat cells present in the body can grow 12-25 percent when a person inhales pollutants present in the smoke released by automobiles. Norvergence also found that if a person exercises outside on poor air quality days, he is more prone to disease caused by air pollution due to his increased rate of respiration.

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