Norvergence – Extreme Heat Forces Qatar Government to Install Air-Conditioners in Open

Image source: Aljazeera

Scientists at Norvergence came across an interesting informative piece that stats, due to extreme heat, the Qatar government has installed air conditioners in the open. Yes, you read it right!

Till now, cooling units are installed along with outdoor seating areas and walkways so that people can relax during the evening.

In the preparations for the football world cup 2022, the government has already started air-conditioning its stadium to make it bearable for spectacles.

Norvergence:  After 53 Years, Qatar could become too hot for Humans to Live

Image Source: The Guardian

Dr. Jeremy S. Pal (of Loyola Marymount University) has written an article for “Nature Climate Change”, titled, “Future temperature in southwest Asia projected to exceed a threshold for human adaptability.”

In it, Mr.Pal said that the major Arabian cities such as Dhahran, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Bandar Abbas have the potential to surpass the livable threshold temperature by 2071.

Mr. Pal said: “These extreme temperatures are likely to become a normal summertime heatwave event by the end of the century if no progress on climate change is made.”

Norvergence also noted the details given by Zeke Hausfather (who is a climate data scientist) i.e. Day-by-Day, Qatar is becoming warmer because of greenhouse gas emissions. We have to do something, otherwise, heatwaves could get worst and living in Qatar could become almost impossible.

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