Norvergence – How Excessive Greenhouse Emissions in the Oceans

How Excessive Greenhouse Emissions in the Oceans Is Worsening the Global Warming Scenario

Recently, scientists and the Norvergence team of researchers have discovered the presence of large deposits of methane and carbon dioxide reservoirs spread extensively across seafloors all over the planet. A carbon time-bomb that could explode any second! That’s how dangerous the methane and CO2 deposits in the World’s seas are.  

Canopies of Methane and CO2 which are commonly known as Hydrates comprise of greenhouse gases that prevent them from absconding in the ocean. The scientists at Norvergence Foundation INC suggest that as the carbon emission levels in the oceans continue to rise, it will have a great impact on the temperature of the seawater encircling these hydrates. 

As per various studies conducted by the experts at NorvergenceIt has been estimated that Oceans are a source of approximately 90% of excessive heat generation. Because of global warming, if the hydrates melt, it could become a great threat and impact the sea-rise levels as well as have adverse effects on the climatic conditions. The oceans are predicted to become huge carbon-emitters because of this sole reason. 

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