Norvergence – Impact Of Coronavirus On The Environment: Detailed Study

Coronavirus has indeed left the world economy paralyzed. But after studying numerous research pieces, the expert scientists at Norvergence Foundation INC have concluded that coronavirus may have had a positive impact on the environment.

As an outcome of the pandemic, a big drop in the carbon emissions was recorded across the world. But as good as this news sounds, there are certain drawbacks such as increasing piles of dumped infectious waste in the form of face masks that might not favor the environment.

impact of coronavirus on the environment (2)

The experts at Norvergence have enlisted a few points below that talk about the impact of COVID 19 on the environment.

  1. Effect on the greenhouse gas emissions: This might be a temporary advantage, but because of the outbreak, greenhouse emission has certainly gone down. With reduced traffic, a 30% cut in the emission was projected. 
  1. Better quality of the air: With the government’s regulation to shutdown schools, colleges, and almost all commercial settings, the pollution levels dropped considerably. This resulted in better air quality, hence projecting a positive impact on the environment. The environment has become cleaner due to reduced emissions from the traffic and a halt on all commercial activities that were earlier depleting the environment.
  1. Piles of infected waste: Reports of increased medical waste were recorded amidst coronavirus. People have been using their face masks and dumping them on streets carelessly polluting the environment and increasing the chances of contracting the virus. Hospitals have also reported to show an increase in medical waste resulting from testing individuals for coronavirus and treating them. 
  1. Reduced air traffic: Amid coronavirus, air traffic has also stalled since traveling via air has been prohibited by the governments across the globe to curb the spread of coronavirus. Reduced air traffic has resulted in low carbon emissions clearing the environment.


With the news about coronavirus spreading rapidly and garnering everyone’s attention, the experts at Norvergence have strongly emphasized on the positive as well as the negative impact of coronavirus on the environment.

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