Norvergence – Largest Glacier in Alaska’s Juneau Icefield is melting due to Climate Change

Image Source: The Weather Channel

Environmentalists at Norvergence analyzed the satellite photos shared by NASA’s Earth Observatory and found that the Taku glacier is melting. Yes, one of the single thickest glaciers in the world and the largest of 20 major glaciers in Alaska’s Juneau Icefield has been affecting badly from climate change.

Mauri Pelto, a glaciologist who has studied the Juneau Ice field for almost 3 decades told NASA: “This is a big deal for me because I had this one glacier I could hold on to. But not anymore, this makes the score climate change: 250 and alpine glaciers: 0.”

When Norvergence read the new study of Mr. Paltu which is published in the journal “Remote Sensing”, the NGO got surprising data.

From 1946 to 1988, the glacier was gaining mass and growing by almost a foot per year. With time, the growth rate started decreasing and during 2013-2018, it stopped completely.

After 2018, the glacier started melting and suffered the largest mass loss ever.

Image Source: MSN

Mr. Peltu expressed his views on this transition (Norvergence quotes him): “To be able to have the transition take place so fast indicates that climate is overriding the natural cycle of advance and retreat that the glacier would normally be going through.