Norvergence Leasing Equipment under Norvergence LLC is a branch that is committed to providing the kind of product support (environmental equipment) that customers long for. The owners and employees of Norvergence LLC share the same values of honesty, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. 

Norvergence Leasing Equipment: Following Equipment are provided for leasing purposes:

Norvergence Leasing Equipment – Refrigerators & Freezers

Norvergence has fabricated Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers for research, stockpiling, and modern needs. We likewise supply laboratory coolers, fridges, undercounter coolers, and undercounter fridges for a wide range of uses.

Norvergence Leasing Equipment – Oil Water Separator Rentals

We lease Oil Water Separator Units, however, we additionally manufacture Treatment Systems for rental or deal which incorporate Oil Water Separators. OWS Rentals came back with liquids or oil may confront extra sterilization charges. A $65/hr sterilization expense applies normally extending from 1 to 3 hours to OWS Rentals came back with liquids or oil in them or returned too filthy. 

Extra liquid or oil removal expenses may apply to units that came back with liquids or oil in them relying on volume. To abstain from confronting purification or removal charges please return the units in the condition they were sent to you.

Buy or Rent Environmental Equipment

Norvergence Leasing Equipment – Oxidizer Rentals

Oxidizer Rentals

We have rental oxidizers for off-gas treatment on your double phase extraction, soil fume extraction or ground-water treatment ventures. We have reactant, thermal, double stage oxidizers and oxidizers for chlorinated solvents with scrubbers. Units are accessible with or without thermal extraction frameworks including pumps and buoy controllers. Single or three-stage, gas or electric terminated units are also available.

Norvergence Leasing Equipment – Landfill Gas Extraction Systems

Landfill Gas Extraction Systems

Landfill Gas Extraction Systems are utilized to apply vacuum to the subsurface so as to prevent the migration of landfill gas vapors. The recuperated landfill gas vapors are then treated and additionally released. 

We custom create Landfill Gas Extraction Systems to your particulars utilizing new parts from quality producers, in the United States of America. We likewise offer our own line of Moisture Separation Tanks and Control Panels. 

Landfill Gas Extraction Systems ordinarily incorporate Vacuum Blowers, Knockout Tanks, Air Filters and Silencers, Blower Package Skids, and Control Panels. Landfill Gas Extraction Systems can be mounted on slips, mounted on open trailers or mounted inside encased load compartments, encased freight trailers or in shed structures.

Norvergence Leasing Equipment – Sparge Vent Remediation System

Air Sparge plus Soil Vapor Extraction Systems are utilized to apply strain to an air sparge well to strip chlorinated dissolvable or petrochemical defilement from ground water and afterward expel it by applying a vacuum to soil vapor extraction wells.


If you have inquiries or need an estimate on any of our items please get in touch with us. Our staff will speedily respond to any of your inquiries on our wide scope of lab items. 

Experts in the two nations (US and India) have perceived the steadfastness and productivity of our Temperature Freezers and Refrigerators. We will probably give a degree of unwavering quality, quality development, and worth unmatched anyplace on the planet for our clients.

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