Norvergence lists worst case climate predictions if we don’t curb Global Warming

Norvergence has analyzed the summer of 2018 as it was full of wildfires, droughts, killer floods, and record-breaking rise in temperature. Let’s go back in 1992 when a group of 1,700 scientists released a letter, titled “Warning to Humanity”. It stated that environment damaging activities would lead to a collision course situation between humans and nature.

Comox Valley Record

 Image Source: Comox Valley Record

In 2017, more than 15,000 scientists co-signed to an updated version of the 1992 manifesto. Norvergence examined both the papers and the natural calamities of summer 2018 in an order to list the following predictions:

Coastal Cities and Island Nations will disappear:

According to the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment report, “sea level could rise up to 3 feet by 2100.” It means coastal cities and nations will be swallowed by the sea.

Video Source: CBC News

Melting Polar Ice:

Most of you don’t know that when arctic ice melts, it releases methane, a more dangerous greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

Other predictions listed by Norvergence are Hurricanes, Nutritional Deficiencies, Food Insecurity, Mass Migration, etc.