Norvergence: Newly-Elected UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s take on Climate Change

Source: Financial Times

Researchers at Norvergence are confident that Boris Johnson’s victory in the United Kingdom election is a near-guarantee about the Brexit. But apart from it, no one knows what will be his views on climate change.

It’s time to unfold past events as Norvergence presents what was Boris Johnson’s stance on climate change in the last few months/years.

In October 2011, Boris, then London’s mayor has released a report titled, “Delivering London’s Energy Future: The Mayor’s Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Strategy.”

He wrote: London was the first city to experience mass urbanization in the modern era. It was the imagination of our forebears—among them Bazalgette, Brunel, Prince Albert—who pioneered solutions to tackle some of the city’s more mundane but critical challenges.

I want now to unleash the same entrepreneurial drive and creative genius to achieve what is now the 21st century’s environmental imperative, to cut carbon output and secure the city’s energy supply, whilst making services more efficient and better value for money.

The climate was a priority for Johnson during his term as a mayor. After that, he seems not sure about this hot and important topic.

In the first week of December, 350 leading climate researchers urged Boris Johnson to challenge Donald Trump on his climate denial. The letter read as:

We urge you to challenge President Trump about his irresponsible approach to climate change and seek to persuade him to take strong domestic action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to join coordinated international action including the Paris agreement.

Earlier this year many parts of the UK were subject to a summer heatwave which reached a record peak temperature and killed several hundred people.

Lives and livelihoods are also being threatened by increasing risks of flooding due to heavy rainfall and sea-level rise.

Concluding Words

As an environmental NGO, Norvergence hopes that Boris Johnson will take essential steps to curb greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental issues.