Norvergence – Oil in the Arctic is the Serious Environmental Concern

The environmentalists at Norvergence believe that Artic is the only immaculate region left on earth that is not affected by global warming to a much extent.

But soon, this statement will change as the exploration of the Arctic for petroleum is on an all-time high. In January 2019, U.S. President Donald Trump released some new rules under which private companies can purchase leases in the Arctic for offshore drilling.

Similarly, Norvergence team found that in 2007, two Russian submarines plunged around 4 km into the Arctic Ocean and occupied a piece of the continental shelf (Lomonosov Ridge)to do oil drilling.

Not only Russia, countries such as Sweden, Finland, United States, China, Norway, are also trying to cash in the Arctic oil assets.

Norvergence: Why the Arctic is so rich in the organic material especially oil and petroleum?

Alastair Fraser, a geoscientist from Imperial College London, told Live Science: “The first thing you realize [if you look at a map] is that the Arctic, unlike the Antarctic, is an ocean surrounded by continents.”

“Firstly, this means there’s a huge quantity of organic material available, in the form of Dead Sea creatures such as plankton and algae, which form the basis of what, will ultimately become oil and gas.”

“Secondly, the surrounding ring of continents means that the Arctic Basin contains a high proportion of continental crust, which makes up about 50% of its oceanic area.”


Day-by-day, this region is becoming very important for energy production. The more oil and gas extraction will disrupt the landscape which directly puts pressure on the wildlife. Norvergence urges the United Nations to form a committee that will regulate all the countries that are working in the Arctic.

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