Norvergence Opinion on 12-Year-Old Boys Caught Setting up Fires in Australia

Environmentalists and Researchers at Norvergence have extensively covered the Australian bush fires’ news. Almost 5 million acres of land have been razed completely because of forest fires.

It destroyed more than 670 houses and affect the wildlife badly.

On December 1, news came as a shock to the whole of Australia when three 12-year-old boys were caught setting up forest fires in the South Coast area.

Brian Pedersen, Lake Illawarra Police District Inspector, has given a statement (Norvergence quotes) and expressed his disappointment, over it “

“It’s quite distressing to see young people, in particular, continuing to ignore the message about how dangerous fires can be. We are urging the whole community to be vigilant and report any suspicious behavior.”

“If you see something, say something. If you have suspicions at all and wish to report a crime, don’t take the risk – contact police or Crime Stoppers.”

Norvergence: Why Children Did this?

Psychologists at Norvergence believes that there are many chances that children were trying to do some kind of fun with this mischief activity. The lack of knowledge or education related to the importance of forest or environment for human beings can also be another factor here.

In the midst of climate change and global warming, Parents and school teachers should guide our younger generation in deciding what’s right and what‘s wrong.

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