Norvergence: Sharing responsibility at an individual level for saving mother earth

Norvergence- Climate change is bringing about the end we have all feared, one calamity at a time. The time to act is now. Policymakers, industries, and other stakeholders can do their part. But that doesn’t imply that it is up to them to deliver sustainability.

Instead, the onus is up to each individual as well. A shift in attitude can contribute to a greener world, securing the future for life on earth. In this article, read how sustainability can be catalyzed with each individual taking responsibility for making a difference. 

Save on energy resources.

In most scenarios, generating electricity increases the carbon footprint. Being scrooge-miserly when using gadgets and other appliances that use electricity can be beneficial in giving mother earth a breather. 


Some steps that can be taken to achieve the above-stated objective are as follows

  • Reduce wastage of electricity. Switch off unused appliances, gadgets, lights, and others
  • Focus on saving electricity proactively – utilize natural light of the sun while designing homes, install solar panels, use the sun for drying. 
  • Design homes to avoid leakage of colder air-conditioned air in the summer season and use natural rugs and carpets to trap the heat and keep the air warm in the winters.

Save trees Save the planet

Norvergence- Trees are a quintessential component that preserves and perseveres life on earth. Saving them is paramount to sustainability. The following steps can be taken to save trees. 

Limit the use of paper

Most paper in use is sourced from trees. Limiting paper can help save trees and, ultimately, the planet. Recycling paper can further reduce the burden on trees. 

Limit the use of detergents

Detergents that enter sewerage pollute groundwater, impacting life throughout the ecosystem, dependent on the water. Minimized and judicious use of detergents for household activities is highly recommended. 

Support local manufacturers

Norvergence- Supporting local manufacturing industries can save fuel usage by using pointer-state logistic services. Moreover, less packing material will be utilized in the regional transit of goods. 

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Minimalist living

Minimalist living has multiple advantages. This results in easing the burden on the source. Moreover, it’ll also reduce wastage, saving the oceans, landfills, and other waste disposal sites. 

Consider reducing meat consumption.

Meat farming utilizes more resources, putting the ecosystem under more stress. Farm ruminants are the leading cause of methane emissions. And methane emissions trap heat more than Reduction in the farming of animals can reduce the burden on the ecosystem.

Shift in attitude

Develop a habit of considering the implications of your daily activities vis-a-vis climate change. For instance 一  

  • The use of matchsticks can be preferred over gas lighters.
  • A well-maintained vehicle will pollute the environment lesser. 
  • The use of plastics can be minimized. 
  • Sustainable seafood should be preferred.

Take the lead in increasing awareness.

Climate change needs a collective effort, and increased awareness is the need of the hour. You can contribute by posting your efforts in battling climate change on social media channels. Additionally, you can consider organizing discussions at the community level or online forums.   

Source link - Live Science

To sum it up

Norvergence – The world will change as we know it, lest we amplify our efforts of reducing the damage being caused to the environment. Every small effort by each individual makes a difference. 

A shift in the attitude at an individual level has the potential to cause a ripple effect, propelling efforts to save mother earth and leaving behind a legacy of change 一 to protect the environment at all costs. 

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