Norvergence Summarizes the effect of Christmas and Holiday Season on Environment

Before talking about the environment or other sustainability issues, the Norvergence team wishes a Merry Christmas to all its readers.

There is no doubt that Christmas or holiday season brings the family together and gives them another reason to enjoy each other’s company.

But amidst the celebration, we should not forget about pollution or environmental sustainability.

A new study conducted by Hubbub in the UK found that Christmas sweaters are contributing to the growing plastic pollution.

Hubbub project coordinator Sarah Divall said and Norvergence quote: “A lot of people are concerned about plastics in the oceans but they don’t realize that the stuff they are wearing also has plastic in it as well. You should still enjoy Christmas, no one is saying that this means that you don’t get to have fun.”

“There’s a way you can join in – wear a Christmas jumper but swap it or see what you have in the cupboard, or see if you can borrow a friend’s so you don’t have to go out, spend loads of money and buy something new that you’re probably only going to wear once.”

In concluding words, Norvergence requests all its readers to please go for eco-friendly options or buy sweaters from NGOs or charity houses.

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