Norvergence: The History of The U.S Conflict with Iran

The conflict between the two countries started a long time back in 1979 but now when the conflict has taken a new turn after the President of the U.S in 2018 re-imposed devastating sanctions on Iran, including an embargo on Iranian oil.

Source - U.S. News and World Report
Source - U.S. News and World Report

Not only the U.S but Iran has also threatened to unleash a series of attacks in Dubai, Haifa, Israel, and the UAE. Both countries have shown their anger and power by releasing powerful statements coming from the famous faces of the countries.

Source - Middle East Eye
Source - Middle East Eye

Whereas the scholars at Norvergence believe that UAE should adopt all the safety measures at this point in time as you never know what Iran is planning. The matter is sensitive and any action that is done outside the tolerance power of both countries can result in serious conflict or even war.

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