Norvergence – UK’s Top Eco-Friendly Blogs and Websites (Part 1)

In the early 21st century, a higher rate of environment issues drove the existence of websites (like Norvergence) which were specifically based on environment news and environment-related solutions.

To keep the viewer informed about that legacy, Norvergence listed top 5 popular environmental blogs which are working in the UK:

Tree Hugger

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This established website posts around 42 stories per week. Norvergence found out that it has 609,814 Facebook fans and 351,899 followers on Twitter. This blog especially focuses on the ways to live a healthy and eco-friendly life. It tells a responsible medium of life in regards to nature, science & sustainable design. It consists of green design, architecture, transportation and more.

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The Mother Nature Network

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It is the most popular website for news, information, and accountability regarding the environment worldwide. The content of this website is quite understandable & helps people to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Norvergence analyzed that the count for posts every week on this online network is less than treehuggers with a difference of 14 posts. Its Facebook fans are 874,885 and followers on Twitter are 190,389.

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