Norvergence – UK’s Top Eco-Friendly Blogs and Websites (Part-2)

This is the second part of the post, “UK’s top eco-friendly blogs and websites”, published by Norvergence. Let’s read what the team at Norvergence has to say about the remaining UK’s top eco-friendly blogs.


Image Source: Inhabitat

It is a blog designed to bring a change for the sake of folks who want to make the earth a better place. This is mainly based on great ideas & innovation for green design and technology reformation with its clean implementations. They post 34 stories per week; having 1,276,199 Facebook followers and 172,730 on Twitter. Norvergence salutes their work.

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It empowers masses to live healthier lives in a healthier environment with the help of research and education. It was founded in April 2009 and drive consumer choices and civic actions. This website has 703,081 facebook followers and 60,193 on Twitter. The frequency of their posts every week is 21.


Image Source: Grist

Last but not least, the GRIST.COM was established in 1999. It is a non -profit online network for

People who want a planet that never burns and a future that never threatens. They are having 283,278 Facebook fans and 221,468 twitter followers. It carries the frequency of 28 posts every week.

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