Norvergence – We are drowning in Plastic

Source: Cool Conversations

Norvergence found a very interesting stat, according to which the world’s plastic production has grown up by 8.6 percent per year since 1950. In simple words, now at the moment, we are producing around 9 billion metric tons of plastic.

Out of it, only 9 percent has been recycled and around 80 percent remains in the environment spreading toxic gases.

In its previous articles, Norvergence has already explained that every year we are adding millions of tons of unrecycled plastic waste into the oceans. Further, more than 700 marine species are affected by it.

The irony is that plastic pollution isn’t a problem for which we don’t have a solution. Everyone knows how to pick up the plastic garbage and where it should be dumped so that it can be recycled.

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Source: Blue Nation Review

The main problem is the attitude of the general population. They are not realizing their moral responsibility and also there is an urgent need for building the necessary institutions and systems to address plastic pollution.

In the concluding words, Norvergence just wants all of us to raise voice and take a stand against plastic pollution.