Norvergence – UK Government is not acting enough to Protect People from Climate Crisis

Source: Vox

Norvergence analyzed a shocking statement given by government advisors of the United Kingdom which states that “the government has no proper plans to protect people from heat waves, flash flooding, and other impacts of the climate crisis.”

Recently, the UK Prime Minister announced that the country would lead the world by cutting all greenhouse gas emissions in the next 30 years. Also, she wants that next year the UK will host the global climate summit.

But her actions are portraying something different.

Norvergence quotes Committee on Climate change (CCC), “the funding for various programs to tackle climate change problems had been cut to a major extent. This will hugely impact the UK’s climate crisis preparations.”

Source: Vox

The CCC chief executive Chris stark said, “There are no areas where the government is planning properly. The whole thing is run by the government like a Dad’s Army. We can’t possibly go on with this ramshackle system; it doesn’t begin to face the issues. It is a real threat to the population.”

Norvergence wants its UK readers to put pressure on their government so that it can take relevant and effective decisions.”

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