What is Norvergence? Know more about its CEO, Industry Impact, Corporate Culture, and Key Stakeholders

Norvergence is working on the manufacturing and distribution of jute bags. As well know the best alternative to plastic bags at this moment is jute bags. So, we decided to come up with the jute bags and sell it to shopkeepers, restaurant owners, etc so that we can provide them and customers an environment-friendly alternative.

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Norvergence author – Environmentalist/Author/CEO

“The next few years i.e. 2020-2021, 2022-2023 will be very important for us and our plans regarding sustainability. We are coming up with jute bags, and then we will do a 3-months long plantation drive across various cities. Further, we will do more aggressive writing and demonstrations against the corporations and governments that are not doing anything against climate change and other environmental issues.”

Industry Impact: As Jute is a renewable resource and plants sequester carbon and when we distribute or promote the bags made from it, the jute industry will get a major boom.

Corporate Culture: To do something for our nature and its people is what in the essence of Norvergence. There is no corporate culture type of thing in Norvergence, its environment-friendly culture.

Key Stakeholders: The only stakeholders that Norvergence has at this moment are its employees. And from the CEO to a local activist, everyone is an environmentalist in the company. 

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